What We Actually Deserve.



So if you haven’t read my post titled, “We Aren’t So Good After All” you should probably go check it out.

In the journal I wrote a little bit about Matthew 20:1-16. This is a very interesting parable that Jesus teaches. He begins by introducing a landowner who went out early in the morning and hired workers for his vineyard.

The landowner tells his workers that he’ll give them a day’s wages for their work, and they agree. Then later on in the day, probably a couple hours after he hired the first workers, the landowner hires more guys to go and work in his vineyard. He goes out again at noon and five in the afternoon to do the same thing.

By evening he tells his foreman to call in the workers and give every worker a day’s wages starting with the ones who came the latest.





First of all, what the heck. If I were one of the workers that got there first, I’d probably lose it. Do you see the logic here? It doesn’t make sense.

Why are the guys who only worked for a couple hours getting the same amount of earning as a guy that’s been there all day? Like Jesus…come on that’s unfair.

The workers who got there first have been sweating profusely. Their sweat has stained their shirts, and I bet there’s a ring of knee sweat around their pants…

Then you’ve got your worker dudes who have only been working for about a hour getting just as much. They don’t deserve the same wages as me. They don’t deserve the same wages as someone who has been working longer. They don’t deserve the same wages as someone who’s been working harder.

And what about this landowner guy? He totally did this on purpose. What kind of joy is this sick man getting?

He made the guys who worked the least get paid first. The guys who’ve been there the longest are thinking that they’re payment’s going to be incredible, but no…no no no. That isn’t the case here.

Instead of getting payed more than the one who worked less, they got payed an equal amount. So of course they start to grumble. I would too! They were ripped off! The ones that have been there the longest were the better workers! They put in more time than the rest!





But maybe that’s the point Jesus wants us to see…

I mean when we look at our fellow believers, does a person who has been in the faith for a long time receive more of Jesus’ love? Does a person who just accepted Jesus have to work to gain Jesus’ love? What about the person who has been in the faith for about a median length, do they receive as much love as the awkward and unnoticed middle child?





God’s love is equal for everyone.





Jesus doesn’t base his love around how much devotion, focus, worship, or love you have towards Him.

The verse goes, “For God so loved the world that He sent His only son to die for us.” Not, For we so loved God that He sent His only son to die for us.”

Jesus’ love is continuing, persistent, relentless, and never-ending.





We shouldn’t focus on what we deserve. Our days wages are all the same. Saved or not, we still sin. We aren’t defined by our sin, but I have yet to met a perfect and sinless person.

The wages we deserve is death because we all have sinned.

But that’s why God sent His son Jesus. A gift that is so gracious that sometimes we take it for granted.

A perfect sacrifice by a perfect person to perfect imperfect people.





Now we have someone to lean on. Someone to throw our pain upon. Someone to cry out to when there’s no one around. Someone who loved us so much that he let himself be murdered, so we wouldn’t have to deal with the consequences we deserve. It’s time to shift our focus.

There’s no car, no home, no salary, no person, no promotion, and no possession that is better than Jesus.





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    Definitely a good read. I feel we live in a world of entitlement. People want their gold stars! However, it isn’t about us, it is about the Lord. Period. Bringing glory to Him. He is our gift, and He is MORE than sufficient enough for us! In a society full of comparison and the search for fair-treatment, we lose sight of the one true goal and gift- eternal life. Jesus didn’t come to bring the justice we deserve, He came to bring freedom and the cleansing of our sins. Thank goodness, He didn’t come to give us what we deserve because I would be in BIG trouble!!! I don’t know how to private message, but I just wrote a blog post I think you would find interesting- I would like some feedback. If I link it here, could you check it out and let me know your thoughts? I will link it in another comment so you can delete the link once you are through seeing it (I don’t want to draw anyone away from the posts here by leaving a link). Just let me know if that is okay! If there is a way to private message, let me know as I am new to WordPress! Thanks! =]

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    Great words here. This is how I preach this parable. In such a work-oriented society, we tend to think that the ones who showed up first are due a special privilege. Thankfully, I know lots of folks, like yourself, who get Jesus’ teaching here. All believers are equal in God’s eyes. Keep it up!


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    I absolutely loved this! I feel exposed really! I’m guilty. I’m actually inspired to start something new… Cheers for checking in on my blog too.


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      I’ve created a spotlight blog for inspirational blogs like yours. Your post is the first post I’m spotlighting. I decided to do this, because we need to actively lift up one another and encourage those who are in the ministry. The blog is http://www.ufuomaee.godinterest.org and your post is scheduled for publication in about nine hours! Thanks for the inspiration to embark on this new ministry. Love in Christ, Ufuoma.

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