We Aren’t So Good After All.



Bad things don’t happen to good people because good people don’t exist.

“There is no one righteous, not even one” (Romans 3:10 NIV)





Back in the early years of my high school I thought I was a pretty rad dude. I used to walk around with my Jesus shirts, I had bible verses painted on my car, and I thought that I knew everything about the Bible. I was the most spiritual guy ever.

I put my status, label, popularity, and pride in front of God. I used Jesus as a tool to gain more followers on Twitter.





When your focus is directed at yourself, you forget to leave room for God.





Even though I was acting like a Christian, I was not a good person.

To “sin” is to miss God’s mark, or to break God’s shalom. Sin is anything opposite of what God wants us to do. Even though everything I did was technically “pleasing to God” I still used it as my own pursuit for happiness. I was still a sinning.





If Jesus is our role model then we should try to be Christ-like…right? We’ve heard it in church and in sermons our whole lives, but try and compare your good deeds with what Jesus did.

I’m sorry, but it’s an unfair match.

People do good things, but good people don’t exist.

Christ set the example for us, and our goal is to be like Him, but we will never reach the likeness of Christ.

I’m sorry…but if we became like Christ, then we would become a god, or we’d think of ourselves as one. Christianity isn’t about trying to be “like Jesus”.

Christianity is all about Jesus. It’s always been about Jesus. It’s not about our way in becoming like Jesus, it’s about how He became the perfect person for us.





So that leaves us to where we are now. We are not good people.

But isn’t that unfair? Our goal is to achieve Christ-likeness, but Paul says there’s no such thing as a good person.

I think God did that for a reason. Now I don’t know how God works, sorry I’m not God, but maybe there’s a reason why we aren’t so good after all.





God shows us His ultimate righteousness to create an urgency of dependence towards Him.





God made us all equal. Matthew 20:1-16 shows us that (yes stop what you’re doing and read this parable). Don’t focus on what you deserve. We all deserve the same wage, the wage of death, because we all have sinned (Romans 3:23 & 6:23).

You sin? So do I. No one’s perfect. That’s why I lean on Jesus. The trials of my life have already been conquered by Him.

We are no longer bound to our sin through Jesus. We still sin, but it doesn’t have a grip on us. Jesus’ sacrifice doesn’t give us a free ride to sin, instead it opens up a gift to a new life.

Don’t get me wrong, having life is a great thing! But we’re still born with a sinful nature.

Jesus takes away our sins for sure, but the fact of the matter is that we still sin. No matter what state you’re in, whether saved or not, we still sin, and we need to depend on God to help us through this life, because with Him we are no longer slaves to that sin.





The truth about us is not based on our deeds, our performance, our past, our present, and our resumes. The truth about us is defined by the gospel.

It’s time to give up our false selfless ambitions and align our hearts with God’s will in our lives. This is something I need to work on too! I’m learning just as much as you. Love you dudes, keep up the hard work, and never stop loving Jesus.





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    I guess that’s why God gave us free will. We could have been created as A.I., in which case perhaps we could have been perfect. However, we were created for the express purpose of exercising our own individuality. By definition, then, we are not perfect. Being a sinner is simply the effect, creation was the cause.


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    Love this blog. The very verse you speak on here is the one which drew my oldest daughter to ask Jesus to save her when she was 4. There is nothing good in us except Christ. I hear ya on the plagiarism, too, lol. Evidently even an atheist has taken my words and placed them on his sight. Very interesting – hopefully someone will get saved! Keep writing and God bless!


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    I love this! It parallels to a couple different posts I’ve done on selfishness and leading Christ-like lives.
    It’s nice to see a fresh approach on this topic!

    Wonderful post! Keep it up! I’ll be back for more!


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    Good post!! “The truth about us is defined by the gospel.” – Love this, so very true!!

    You are right, this is a tough topic and will offend some but everyone must decide for themselves who they will follow and there are only two choices.

    Thanks for writing.

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    i think you already mentioned why we are bad (or sinners), because we all got it ever since birth.. the sinful nature the first Adam passed on to us.. but the last Adam (1 Corinthians 15:45) already redeemed us by His life through the cross.. thank You Jesus!

    nice post, very well said 🙂

    God bless!


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      And after true salvation, we don’t have the sinful nature that wants to sin any more!!!! We have the new God nature in our spirits.

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    Nice post, Nicolas. Many people find it hard to accept that no-one is good, just as Jesus stated it. Even though we sometimes do good deeds, most of the time there is self-interest behind it all. That may be why Jesus said that when giving charity, our left hand shouldn’t know what our right hand is doing.

    ps. keep up the good work.

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    We are not all total sinners but some of us sin more than others and some sin very little. If we were all like Jesus then there would be no one left to do the work on this precious planet earth and everyone would want to have disciples following them also not doing much work but proselytizing most of the time. There is a secular moral code that everyone should be following and should consider themselves sinning if they don’t meet the moral code. It is except in emergency situations= don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder. The whole secular world who find untruths in religions of all kind should practice this secular moral code worldwide even in China so that there is a unified world morality acceptable to all. It will increase the chances for much more world peace in the future. Best wishes. Uldis


    1. Reply

      Thank you for visiting my site and I thought your writing was honest and forthright. Keep writing


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    Very well stated! I can’t really add to your post. Thank you for the inspiring message. May everyone take this message into their hearts, and implement the gospel into all of their dealings in life.


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    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the like. I like the way you articulate the concept of grace without undermining its power. For the believer, Jesus is the beginning and the end of everything. Thank you again.


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    None of us is good. None of us is worthy. Thank God for giving us Jesus to save us all from what we truly deserve. One of your commenters said that ‘We are not all total sinners but some of us sin more than others and some sin very little’. Sin is sin. It is all offensive to God, and when we start classifying it as ‘big’ and ‘little’, we somehow develop tendencies to allow ourselves to not worry about the ‘little’ sins. Someone once said, “Keep your eyes on the nickels and the dollars will take care of themselves.” The devil is in the details. Thanks for your insights, Nicolas.

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    Hey Nicholas. If you have a moment to answer this question, I’d be very grateful. I’m surprised when rather righteous Bible focused bloggers like yourself (forgive the categorizing) like my postings, in which I describe really un-righteous behaviors and confused, un-Christian sentiments. I appreciate the apparent interest in diversity and willingness to listen to different voices, but it makes me wonder how many readers are actually reading vs. hitting like whenever they come across the words God or Jesus? What’s your take on that?


    1. Reply

      I did read your blog, but I’m not about to be a super bummer and leave some discouraging comment on your blog. I’m more about spreading love to the world. By liking a post that I don’t agree with I’m hoping that person will read my blog and be encouraged about Jesus’ love and how rad he is vs being discouraged by some rude, religious, hateful comment! I hope you’re having a good day!


  12. Reply

    Thanks for liking my post. Your words are very well thought out. There is indeed none righteous. We get what we do not deserve, the mercy of God in Christ Jesus.


  13. Reply

    Thanks for recently visiting my blog site. It is always great to meet other Christians while on our journey. God bless.


  14. Reply

    Nicholas, thanks for stopping by my blog. I truly believe that we are all sinners but for the Grace of God that reached out to us and keeps reaching out to us as we continue our journey on the narrow path. Jesus will return and I pray we who believe will be ready and not foolish virgins. Thanks for your frank and honest discourse on the right way to perceive ourselves.


  15. Reply

    Thanks for connecting a few days ago. Sorry for the two inappropriate comments. I’ve proved the title of this post to be correct. 🙂


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    I think it was an RC Sproul quote, but I could be wrong on that…..

    “Why do bad things happen to good people? Well it only happened once and he rose again three days later…”

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    Thanks for stopping by my post on Loving Your Neighbor.

    In reading your post I got to wondering if you really meant to say this this way: “but maybe there’s a reason why we’re all bad.”

    Here’s my idea and my thoughts: The reason we are all bad is because we choose to be bad. As you said we have a sin nature and that is why we are bad. The psalmist and Paul noted that no one is righteous, no not even one! (Ps 14 and Rom 3:10)…God is righteous we are not. And that all happened in the Garden where the deceiver deceived and the rest is history.
    Note also : 1Ti 2:14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman, because she was fully deceived, fell into transgression and Rom 5:12 So then, just as sin entered the world through one man and death through sin, and so death spread to all people because all sinned –

    You are right, we aren’t so good after all and it is because of our sin nature.
    Keep up the good work! Keep writing! Keep sharing!

    Here is a great Bible Study Tool: https://lumina.bible.org
    Check it out…

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    What a relief! No more bearing the burden of being the “perfect” follower of Jesus. Instead, I may seek Him and gradually become like Him. Funny thing is the older I become, the more I am aware of my deep-rooted sin…….


  19. Reply

    I enjoyed reading this and the comments:

    “Good” and goodness can be applied in so many ways – we can all do ‘good’ show goodness but we can’t attribute “good” to ourselves; sin isn’t the single reason for that because Jesus although sinless still said that Jehovah alone is “Good” in the same way that the Apostle John described God as Love.

    This is where getting to grips with the language is critical – others can say I’m a good person because they see my actions and ascribe goodness or an act of goodness as a characteristic but it is a reflection therefore not the clear attribute.

    Does that mean as we can’t ever see ourselves as wholly Good we should stop doing good?

    Each day we should reflect Jesus the image of God in our lives and therefore demonstrate that quality of goodness – evidence that the holy spirit is at work in us.

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  20. Reply

    Thanks for ‘liking’ my blog ‘Straight from the Top’ You bring strength to me as I began a new series on ‘Billy Ray Spencer’ goes to Sunday school.’ The reason I received strength is that no one, especially the church, talks about sin any more. All we hear either in church or on the Christian blogs is ‘Grace’, ‘love’ and ‘do anything and you are OK!’ This new series starts with a 2nd grade boy and the lesson of Moses that we all heard in SS. But the kicker is: ‘It is really about the sins of the Israelites, and how we are SO like them today. Probably won’t get many readers after the first three blogs–but their blood won’t be on my hands.
    Thanks again,

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  21. Reply

    With one sincere sinner’s prayer and the sinner becomes holy, a treasure of Almighty God. I enjoy this stuff; please keep writing to the praise and glory of Him, with whom we all have to do.

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  22. Reply

    Love your writing style. Even if I hadn’t been compelled to do a little self-examination as I read it (I question my heart and motives often), and even if I hadn’t liked what you said, still I would have liked the way you said it.

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