circa 1999

I recall the day that the whole world shifted.

Standing in a room I had never seen before and have not since visited.

All around was energy of nervous excitement.

The grip of expectant celebration.

For some this day was no different

Forgettable and common like so many before it.

But for me, and my people, there’s been no day quite like it.

The screams of an infant

Unaware of who waited.

A companion was born

the purest of friends.

A mop of black hair

Paired with Eyes of hazel.

Through trials of biblical proportion

And the joys of unbridled success.

We shared stories that lasted summers

And sorrows that stuck through the decade.

But no matter the emotion

And no worries of seasons.

I’ve had a partner in crime

to help me see it all clearer.

Your name it means wisdom

and no name could be truer.

18 years have come

And slipped through clinched fingers.

The harder I grasped

The quicker it flew

time has gotten away from me.

It’s hard to accept.

That today you move on

to your next great adventure.

Though prouder

A brother never could be

The heart aches

For the days I remember.

No longer a child

But a Woman of stature

Remember always

the worlds we created and shared.

the loyalty of Toby and of course, his face.

the toy swords we swung at enemies imagined

And the great forests explored without an ounce of trepidation.

It’s a magical world old buddy.

And you know the rest.

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