I’ve seen a lot of nice cars in the parking lots.
Couple thousand spent on the newest model.
I see them dressed in their best.
Couple hundred on a designer name.
It’s like they think that tags define
Like a nicer suit is going to change the game
Whatever it take to flash that dollar sign.
Looking at the building it’s like a mansion.
They don’t spare an expense on the architect
It’s almost like spending money is the anthem.
As if spending all this cash isn’t something like neglect.
Walk in and the ceiling is so high.
All around are the signs of empire.
There’s equipment and furniture that would eat most people’s pay check.
And you can be damn sure if it needs an update it’s on a short list.
It’s just the church doing what it does best. 

Band plays a few songs
Did you know that god is good?
Pastor speaks for 45
Did you know that god is good?
I hear the words but it’s hard to be sincere on a microphone.
It’s been an hour fifteen
It’ll be a week till it happens again.
It’s just the church doing what it does best.

I make the short walk home
The church people drive by
In a hurry they fly
like they have a bout of irritable bowel syndrome.
It’s like Moses on his exodus

Outta the city 
Into the suburbs. 

Just lacking the burning bush.
Though there’s plenty of burnt out buildings
And I can smell someone smoking kush.
Old cars dead on the street
No cash to replace them
Same clothes as last season
There’s not a nickel for fashion.
These people act different
They know no god is gonna save them.

Generations have done this
Still nothing from heaven
No manna for this famine

The wage gap has stayed shut
Not even Moses could part it.
The cycle keeps spinning
Pay check to pay check
These people keep living.

By the time I get home
The church doors have been locked
The offering plates have been counted
It’s time for a cleaning
Next week will come fast.

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