Aldea Coffee | Alfredo Ponce



Aldea Coffee | Alfredo Ponce



Brewing Method: Kalita Wave.

21.2g of coffee.

1/16.25 ratio.

1/3 ratio for bloom.

out in 2:30.



Light and vibrant body.

Right in between a light and medium roast.

Aroma is very floral.

Bloom was excellent.

Tones of black cherry with subtle floral undertones.

As the coffee cools, the floral tones start to brighten.



Las Penas, Honduras.

Altitude: 1350m.




Aldea is a one of a kind coffee shop in Grand Haven, Michigan. They focus heavily on relationships. Aldea knows the coffee farmers by name. All of their roasts are named after the individual farmers that they buy their beans from. And all of their coffee is bought specifically from Honduras.

I’ve gotten to know most of the baristas, and I’m always excited to say hello to them.

Whenever you’re in West Michigan, go check out Aldea Coffee. You’ll be welcomed with a smile,  a conversation, and excellent coffee.

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