dissection 1/13

When i was in elementary school I had to dissect a cow’s eye.  I’m still unsure of what exactly i was supposed to learn. I remember being surprised at how large the eye was,  I only faintly remember cutting and peeling through the various layers of the eye. I definitely didn’t enjoy it, which is probably a good thing. An 8 year old that is really into cutting up cows eyes would be a frightening child to encounter.


Dissection is an unpleasant word.

It’s defined as, “methodically cutting up (a body, part, or plant) in order to study its internal parts.

Internal parts are not something that should be outside the body, it’s sort of built into the name. Internal parts, that means they belong inside the body. I do not want to see the insides of things, be it “a body, part or plant” keep the insides on the insides.


I’ve heard stories of doctors who performed some of the first scientific dissections of humans. Some doctors that did so were killed by angry mobs of people who i am sure chanted, “the insides belong on the inside.” It’s easy to see how people had a problem with dissection when it first became a practice. It wouldn’t be to hard to start a mob when your sales pitch is, “there’s a group of guys cutting up bodies.” But now that seems very foreign to us. Dissection is an accepted part of science. Who knows how many lives have been saved from the knowledge doctors have gained from performing dissections. While i have made it clear i do not have the stomach for that type of dissection, maybe you do. We all have our own areas of interest.


This is the first piece in a series of writings i will be doing on dissection. This will not be a dissection of a cow’s eye, rather this will be a dissection of God and faith. Over the next few weeks I will be publishing a dissection of a different piece of God and/or faith. There is no special significance to the number 12,  I chose it because with this introduction there will be 13, and 13 is my favorite number. And for transparency’s sake this is more about me than you. I do hope that it offers a benefit to you, but i know with certainty it will be a benefit for myself, so i won’t pretend to be doing it with anything less than self focused intentions.


The ideas i share, the questions i ask, and the answers i suggest will all be old. They will be hand-me-downs, they will be questions and answers that have been written about many times. I do not believe that i will write anything that is revolutionary to the worlds of philosophy or theology. But if one hopes to offer something new they had better do their research, and this is an attempt to help me order mine.

I hope you like it.

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    Bring it on! But to be fair in all fairness perhaps this will be a vivisection? Is God alive? That will probably come up in your posts. Good luck.

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